Fashion Industry Broadcast in conjunction with Style Planet TV is proud to present it’s latest feature length documentary in association with it’s film division, After The Lockouts II: Gladys’ War on Music for a special TWO week premier exclusive to FIB viewers. 

NSW Premiere Gladys and her Government have made it clear she wants to destroy music festivals in NSW. Make no mistake about it the whole local music Industry is in a fight for it’s survival.And whilst this film explores the many unseen elements behind the “Nanny State” in NSW. This film’s message is bigger than a study of an ill-conceived Government’s War on Music, or how crazy laws killed a Sydney’s nightlife, my message is this; these days you cannot trust your Government to act in the best interests of the the people it was elected to represent. And you cannot rely on the Corporate media to tell you the truth. And you never know who is in who’s back pocket.